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July 9, 2020 School Update

Planning is ongoing on strategies for re-opening our school for the 2020-2021 school year with our priorities being a safe and comprehensive education experience for all.

Collaborating with the Arizona Department of Education, the state and county health services departments and the other Verde Valley school districts, Clarkdale-Jerome School District will keep you updated. Please keep checking here for current information.

your vote counts clipart - Google Search (With images) | Thankful ...IT'S TIME TO VOTE ON RENEWING OUR BUDGET OVERRIDE 

The Clarkdale-Jerome Elementary School District will have a special election on November 3, 2020, to seek District voters' approval  to extend our Maintenance and Operations Override.  The ballot informational pamphlet will include arguments for and against this renewal of our current voter-approved override. 

Please click on this link for more details on the ballot measure and how you can submit an argument     

Pro and Con Statements Information

Teacher Books Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images (With ...PROPOSED NEW CURRICULUM ADOPTION

In accordance with A.R.S §15-721 requiring a 60-day public viewing, the Clarkdale-Jerome Curriculum Committee recommends the following for 2020-2021 curriculum adoption. For each curricular item, a brief description is included, as well as the subject, grade level(s), and link for viewing:

Generation Genius

  • Brief Description: Generation Genius provides online science lessons. This material covers 95% of the academic standards for Arizona.
  • Subject: Science
  • Grade Levels: K-8
  • Link for viewing: generationgenius.com


  • Brief Description: Newsela provides online lessons that offer rich and thought-provoking content that is aligned to the State standards. Content is leveled for five reading levels to allow for differentiation within the classroom.
  • Subjects: Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Social-Emotional Learning
  • Grades: 2-8
  • Link for viewing: newsela.com


  • Brief Description: Grammarly provides assistance to students in writing, providing checks for grammar and sentence structure, vocabulary, tone of voice, and plagiarism.
  • Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science
  • Grades: 5-8
  • Link for viewing:  Grammarly


  • Brief Description: IXL is an online program that provides for skill practice and diagnostic information. IXL's skills are aligned to the Arizona standards, including the Arizona Early Learning Standards and the Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards.
  • Subjects: Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Grades: 3-4
  • Link for viewing: ixl.com

Classroom Sets of the Following Novels:

Grades 7-8 ELA Novels  

  • Subject: English Language Arts
  • Brief description: The books are interchangeable so they will not all be used in one year and different books can be chosen in different years depending on student interest and current events. The books can also be moved around from 7th to 8th grade, depending on the level of the incoming students.
  • Grades: 7-8
  • Link to 7-8 Grade Novel List


  • Brief Description: Beginning next school year, CJSD will be offering online elective courses through a company called Edgenuity. Note: while not all courses will be offered each quarter, students will be provided a list from which to choose based on their interests.
  • Subject: Career and Technical Education (part of middle school electives)
  • Grades: 7-8
  • Link to Edgenuity: edgenuity.com
  • Link to course list and catalog showing description of possible courses:  Arizona CTE Course List 

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Doerksen at 928-634-5035 or sdoerksen@cjsd3.net.

Previously posted communications...

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coronavirus on whiteCLARKDALE-JEROME SCHOOL continues to keep you updated on how we're handling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Response Quicklink on the left will take you to resources and information that may be helpful. 

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   Clarkdale-Jerome School  earned a "B" in 2019!

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AZ Department of Education A-F Combined Scores FY 2019


Average Teacher Salaries for Clarkdale-Jerome School District
(as required by A.R.S. §15-903(E))

   Average salary all Clarkdale-Jerome teachers
employed in FY 2021 (Budget year)  .....  $63,940


Average salary all Clarkdale-Jerome teachers
employed in FY 2020 (Prior year)     .....  $60,793

   Increase from prior year .....  $3,177
Percentage increase from prior year    .....  5%

Proposed Ratios for Special Education
(as required by A.R.S. §§15-903(E)1 and 15-764(A)5)

Teacher-to-Pupil Ratio  ....  1 to 25
Staff-to-Pupil Ratio    ....    1 to 10


Estimated FTE Certified Employees
(as required by A.R.S. §15-903(E)2)

Prior Year -- FY20  ....   24.0 FTE
Budget Year -- FY21  .... 23.0 FTE

Arizona Auditor General Spending Report FY19
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Arizona Auditor General Text Based Spending Report FY18
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