Our office hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. PLEASE CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE WINDOW TO THE RIGHT OF THE ENTRY....and remember: FACE COVERINGS ARE MANDATORY WHEN ON CAMPUS.




The Clarkdale-Jerome School Governing Board revised the 2020-2021 "Return to Learn" Mitigation Plan. 

Please review this plan effective as of June 8th.

Click the Purple button BELOW for the 

"Return to Learn" Family Communication /Mitigation Plan

And here is a new update from Supt. Brown


The Clarkdale-Jerome School District Governing Board has approved the Calendar for School Year 2021-2022. Click on the blue button to review the calendar for the next school year.

NEW After-School Pick-Up Protocols

Now that Clarkdale-Jerome School has opened for a couple of days, we have found the need for some adjustments in the after-school pick-up procedures. Supt. Brown outlines these changes for you.

Click here to review them    AFTER-SCHOOL PICK-UP PROTOCOLS



Moving to a New Learning Model 

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With In-Person learning beginning on Monday, Sept. 14th, here are some tips for transitioning from one learning model to another in the next three days.  You can remain in the CJSD Online Learning Academy without making any changes or you can return to regular face-to-face classes. If you have been in Distance Learning with homeroom teachers, you can switch over to the CJSD Online Learning Academy.

Just click here to see the options:    CJ Learning Model Transitioning


Click here for  Attendance Protocols and Safety for CJ's On-Site Learning Opportunities 


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As required by Arizona Department of Education, Clarkdale-Jerome School's Distance Learning Plan is available for your review.

 Click on this link CJ Distance Learning Plan



Recent updates from Superintendent Brown and Principal Doerksen...

Click on March 11, 2021

Click on Feb. 10, 2021


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CLARKDALE-JEROME SCHOOL continues to keep you updated on how we're handling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Response Quicklink on the left will take you to resources and information that may be helpful. 

                                       OUR VISION

Every student, every day, preparing for tomorrow


·  To achieve high academic excellence

·  To cultivate personal accountability for all

· To encourage citizenship and respect   

Clarkdale-Jerome School  earned a "B" in 2019!

     We are proud to have the top

            accountability scores in the Verde Valley! 

See how we compare at

AZ Department of Education A-F Combined Scores FY 2019

Average Teacher Salaries for Clarkdale-Jerome School District
(as required by A.R.S. §15-903(E))

   Average salary all Clarkdale-Jerome teachers
employed in FY 2021 (Budget year)  .....  $63,940


Average salary all Clarkdale-Jerome teachers
employed in FY 2020 (Prior year)     .....  $60,793

   Increase from prior year .....  $3,177
Percentage increase from prior year    .....  5%

Proposed Ratios for Special Education
(as required by A.R.S. §§15-903(E)1 and 15-764(A)5)

Teacher-to-Pupil Ratio  ....  1 to 25
Staff-to-Pupil Ratio    ....    1 to 10


Estimated FTE Certified Employees
(as required by A.R.S. §15-903(E)2)

Prior Year -- FY20  ....   24.0 FTE
Budget Year -- FY21  .... 23.0 FTE

Arizona Auditor General Spending Report FY20
(click to see the full report)

Arizona Auditor General (TextBased) Spending Report FY20
(click to see the full report)

Arizona School Report Card
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“Every Student, Every Day, Preparing for Tomorrow”