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Emergency Response Information

(August, 2022)

Emergency Response Definitions


An Evacuation is called when there are conditions inside the school building(s) that are unsafe. Students and staff evacuate the building to an outside location. Students and staff assemble at predetermined locations away from the school buildings.  CJSD conducts school evacuations at least once per month.

Shelter in Place:

A Shelter in Place is called when students and staff need to be inside the building for safety. During Shelter in Place, students and staff are moved (or remain) in their classrooms and normal classroom activities continue until the incident concludes. Shelter in place is used to provide protection against the outdoor environment.  There could be a situation located close by and the local police authorities are asking us to Shelter in Place.  This DOES NOT mean there is a direct threat to students.


A Lockdown is called when there is an immediate threat or hazard on the school campus. Students and staff remain in classrooms, doors and windows are locked, and lights are shut off. Classroom activities cease until the incident concludes. School administrators and district officials work with local first responders to maximize student safety.  Lockdowns are implemented for a variety of reasons, including intruder/suspicious person, active shooter, severe weather, or police suspect at-large.

Parent-Student Reunification:

Parent-Student Reunification is a process where parents will be asked to pick up their students from school in a formalized, controlled release. Reunification may be necessary due to weather, a power outage, hazmat, or if a crisis occurs at the school. The goal of reunification is that all students remain safe while in the school’s care and that all students are reunited with their families.  Our primary off-site reunification area is the Learning Center located directly across the street on the Yavapai-Apache Nation.  If there was ever a need to transport our students to another location, we would utilize the Auditorium at the Town of Clarkdale complex.

School Response to Emergencies

If there is an emergency at school, school personnel have been trained and will react quickly to protect children.  If the emergency is a fire, students will evacuate to their Assembly Area (back playground).  In rare instances, where more distance is needed to ensure student safety, students may be relocated to another school emergency assembly area (i.e. soccer field).  If there is a hazard outside, CJSD will act to protect students and be prepared to shelter the students inside classrooms for hours if necessary.

If there is an emergency at school, parents will generally see one of two scenarios if they are on campus. Parents may see all of the students outside at the Assembly Area if the buildings are potentially dangerous to the students.  They may also see no one outside, because there is a potential hazard outside of the school buildings.  Depending on the situation, parents may not be able to get close to the school and may be asked to wait in a safe area near the school. CJSD will act with the safety of students in mind, and school officials will always follow the directives of the police and fire departments.

Communicating with the School During an Emergency:

The School communicates regularly with parents using School Messenger, through which parents receive automated calls, texts and emails regarding school situations, including emergencies. It is imperative that we have updated phone numbers to contact parents during an emergency. Make sure you update your school emergency card and contact information for each child each time the information changes.  We may also utilize Facebook for communication purposes.

The school has numerous ways to communicate with their own staff and outside agencies that may respond in the event of an emergency. These methods include a public address system and two-way radios, so that a school need not rely on the phone system.

Keep yourself informed of school procedures by attending parent meetings, reading the student-parent handbook, reading parent email updates, and checking the school website periodically.

School/district administration, along with our School Resource Officer, Derek Johnston, are here to answer questions you might have.  We want to ensure you understand our protocols, so please give us a call at 634-5035.


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